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Our Wellbeing Groups 

Our Wellbeing Groups  Besides the Grouisted below we also have the following groups - Fibro, Beacon, Starlight Reiki, Chair exercise, Connect, EAICO and SUNS


Every Monday 10am to 4pm   FREE
We are a volunteer group who have been trained by an experienced professional to offer support with completion of applications for Personal Independence Payment, Employment and Support Allowance and information on social security benefit sanctions. We can also help with referrals to the appropriate service in cases where advice, or representation in appeals is required.

We operate on a 'drop-in' basis. There is no need to book or for prior contact with us. However, please bear in mind, if your requirement is for support in completing PIP or ESA assessment forms, it can take up to two hours approximately to do this. It is advisable therefore to arrive no later than 2 p.m. if you want to complete the form at a single visit and of course, you may have to wait if we are busy.

Stroke Information

Wednesday 11am to 1pm -  Free drop in
For further information please contact us on :

Krafty Needles

Tuesday 11am to 1pm - £1.50, Everyone welcome!
At the Krafty Needles group, we knit for 6 neo natal units, still born babies and the homeless in and around Stockport.  We welcome everyone to the group and treat everyone as an individual, whether you can knit or not. There are tutors within the group to teach you.

Tropical Dance

Tuesday 1.30pm to 2.15pm - FREE
An easy, fun style of dance involving Hula and hip rolling for anyone. Passports you into a wonderful world of carnivals, socials and of course great to tone up the middle! Open to complete beginners and dress is casual. 
Contact : Jan Silins  0161 487 4134

Ukulele Club

Wednesday 11am to 12.15pm - FREE drop in 
World's most easiest and most fun instrument, have a go, you'll love it! Small donation only. Couple of Ukuleles available at the centre and a reasonable one is only £20
Contact : Mark on 0161 317 1468 or 07969 552 995

Mindful Craft

Friday 1:30-3pm
MIND - Believe in your creativity.
Run by Louise Withers please feel free to contact us on 0161 480 7284 or email:

Lips Inked

Wednesday 7 to 9pm

Lips Inked is a FREE weekly workshop exploring slam poetry for women aged 13 to 25. Come along to develop skills in confidence, creative writing and performing your own Work. 

A poetry slam is an energetic competition where performer's poems are scored on perfomance and content by guest judges. Although the format is competitive, the point is not the points, the point is the poetry.  Lips inked aims to give young women the chance to express themselves through this energetic, dynamic performance style.

Contact Lucy on 07821 686 022 or e mail on

PPS Service

Wednesday 1-3pm & Friday 10am-noon.

If  you are or have been under a Consultant Psychiatrist, or you have been under a care co-ordinator and you need some support, you are welcome to drop-in on Wednesdays 1pm till 3pm and Fridays 10am till 12 noon to speak to someone and meet the peers at our group

23 High Street
Contact Us
Phone - 0161 480 7248
Wellbeing Services hosted by Disability Stockport Registered Charity no. 1133529.

Singing for Fun

Thursday 1- 2pm, drop in, MIND -  Contact :  0161 480 7393
Singing For Fun, is a unique, inspirational, group that enriches the lives of  Stockport's community. It unites people of all backgrounds, age, gender and culture, and celebrates the joy of being alive, by singing, and having fun .

The group is tutored by Stockport Singing legend Sheila Gott, with invaluable accompaniment from keyboard player Kim Roberts and facilitated by yours truly, meet to sing a selection of popular songs, old and new, ranging from Jessie Jay's Price Tag to the rousing, ''Do You hear the people sing", finale from Les Miserables.

Everybody is welcome! You don't have to be a Bono or Beyoncé, I can only just  carry a tune ... and  have been known to drop them!

Shakespeare posed the question 'To be or not to be?'  Singing for fun provides a warm, caring, environment that lets people be themselves and be part of a community group that enriches the lives of everybody it touches.

If you join the group I can't guarantee you'll get the leading role in 'Les Miserables', but I can guarantee, you'll be less miserable!

Tea @ 2

Friendly Drop in
-  All welcome!
Come and join us for some fun on Friday afternoon from 14.00 until 15.30 at the new wellbeing centre, 23 high street, Stockport SK1 1EG (next to Weatherspoon's car park)

All donations welcome,
£1 suggested donation