Singing for Fun

Thursday 1- 2pm, drop in, MIND –  Contact :  0161 480 7393

Singing For Fun, is a unique, inspirational, group that enriches the lives of  Stockport’s community. It unites people of all backgrounds, age, gender and culture, and celebrates the joy of being alive, by singing, and having fun .

The group is tutored by Stockport Singing legend Sheila Gott, with invaluable accompaniment from keyboard player Kim Roberts and facilitated by yours truly, meet to sing a selection of popular songs, old and new, ranging from Jessie Jay’s Price Tag to the rousing, ”Do You hear the people sing”, finale from Les Miserables.

Everybody is welcome! You don’t have to be a Bono or Beyoncé, I can only just  carry a tune … and  have been known to drop them!

Shakespeare posed the question ‘To be or not to be?’  Singing for fun provides a warm, caring, environment that lets people be themselves and be part of a community group that enriches the lives of everybody it touches.

If you join the group I can’t guarantee you’ll get the leading role in ‘Les Miserables’, but I can guarantee, you’ll be less miserable!

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